Our people make it possible

A job isn’t a job when you enjoy what you do.

Georgia Lee

Project controls apprentice

Birchwood, UK

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Works On

Project control apprentice working on cost and planning


Planning, acting and Excel spreadsheets

Tell us about your role at Wood

When I left school, I chose to pursue a career in Nursing. After a year I decided it wasn’t for me and investigated engineering instead. During my college year I set out to find an apprenticeship and was offered a project controls apprenticeship with Wood. I was placed at Lovell house where I am currently working and gaining skills in cost, planning and document control. I am now in my 4th year of the apprenticeship hoping to finish in June to go into full time employment and start to build on my career..

What would you tell your friends about working at Wood?

Wood is a lovely company to work for and they truly care about staff and their views, they are caring and understanding to all employees. They like people to achieve their full potential, to climb the ladder of success and if they can aid this in anyway then they will.

The working atmosphere, when I come to work, I don’t dread it. I enjoy being here. I have always been the one to enjoy school and college and never thought I would enjoy coming to work but I do. A job isn’t a job when you enjoy what you do.

What excites you about your future at Wood?

I am excited to qualify and to be able to climb the ladder within my career path, and to move to different projects, finding out more about what the company does, and who the company works with. Wood is going through many changes and I can’t wait to see what the end product is.