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A career built on a love of the great outdoors

Tyler Harnish has always wanted to work outside. He started out as a lawncare business owner at the tender age of 12 and has spent a lifetime working in the U.S. oil and gas field since.

When Tyler graduated high school, he was torn between an interest in going to university but potentially incurring a substantial amount of debt or the desire to go straight into employment and build a career through hands on experience. He chose the latter and began work as a field operator. In northern Wyoming, there are two major industries for skilled trades and operators, oil and gas and mining. Tyler’s love for the outdoors made the choice an obvious one.

At the time, coalbed methane was a growing source of energy, gas prices were good and there were evident career opportunities in the industry.  It was an industry where Tyler could work outdoors with people that had the same strong work ethic as he did. He was so determined to get a job as a well lease operator that he called the production supervisor weekly for almost a year until a position was open. His persistence paid off and 14 years on Tyler is a production superintendent for Wood’s production asset management team in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming.

Tyler has been an employee at Wood for 14 years and progressed throughout. As a superintendent, he is responsible for special projects for his client, Carbon Creek Energy. He describes the role as figuring out how to develop, implement and execute solutions and ideas to continually improve the client’s assets. Tyler really enjoys his role because he is challenged daily and encouraged to think outside of the box. “In special projects, I know what the end results needs to be, and I work backward to get there”, Tyler said.

He and his team develop and execute innovative ideas to deliver efficiencies and make the role of the lease operators safer. Seeing ideas put into action is one of the things Tyler loves most about his job.

The Carbon Creek Energy project includes the operations and maintenance of over 4,000 onshore gas wells in the Power River Basin of Wyoming, USA. The project includes more than 5500 miles of gas, water, electric and civil infrastructure to deliver gas production on 4000 coal bed methane wells within a 200-mile radius of the basin. Wood has approximately 125 employees managing the complete life cycle of the Carbon Creek energy assets.