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Our Employee Networks

Developing Professionals Network

Our Developing Professionals network provides a platform for employees starting out in their career to learn more about Wood, each other and themselves. The network promotes the development and connectivity of tomorrow’s leaders, while positively contributing to community programs and our culture. The aim of the network is to provide a platform for individuals to connect, learn and grow through global and regional activities and development opportunities.

Armed Forces Network

Our Armed Forces network aims to bring together employees who are members of the Armed Forces community including veterans, reservists, cadet volunteers, service partners and families. The network seeks to promote the transferrable skills people from the Armed Forces community have and ensure that these are recognised and harnessed across Wood. It actively supports employees who choose to be a cadet volunteer or member of the Reserve Forces and raises funds for Armed Forces charities.

Pride Network

Our Pride network is for our LGBT+ colleagues and their allies. By working across our organisation, Pride helps ensure Wood is a great place to work for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. The network provides a safe and inclusive space for our LGBT+ community to connect and support one another. It raises awareness of challenges faced and promotes LGBT+ inclusion through regular communication, resources and participating in local Pride events. Pride also works with other companies to champion LGBT+ inclusion in the sectors within which we operate.

We Care Network

Our We Care network connects employees who are currently balancing working and caring, have cared for someone in the past or wish to prepare themselves for caring for someone in the future. The network provides a valuable source of carer information and a space where experiences can be shared. We Care raises awareness of carer needs by celebrating the contribution carers make, both at home, and in the workplace.

Minerva Network

Our Minerva network aims to help achieve a gender balanced workforce. Fully inclusive and open for anyone to join, Minerva particularly encourages men to get involved and join the network to act as allies for improving gender balance in Wood. The network strives to Influence mindsets by raising awareness of the need for gender balance and constructively challenging gender bias. It also seeks to encourage more women to pursue STEM subjects and careers.

Listening Group Network

Our Listening Group Network meet virtually every two months and is hosted by a member of Wood’s Executive Leadership Team or a board member. Open for everyone to get involved in, the network is our most important direct communication channel between employees and leadership. Through sharing information, really listening to feedback and asking opinions on key issues real, tangible actions have been taken and changes have been made. The network also aims to connect Wood’s employees, make everyone feel heard and create team Wood spirit.